Vulture Testo

Testo Vulture

Chorus: You're a Vulture living off the pain of others / Vampire leaching off your sisters and brothers / You're a Vulture living off the pain of another / Vampire, oh you're a bloodsucker /// 1st verse: I see you lurking in darkness, heart full of corruption / profiting off of your brother's destruction / Heartless, your soul feels no compunction / Soulless, man me say ya mind's inna malfunction / Lustful, Iternity is waiting at the junction / Selfish, oh man look what you've become /// chorus /// 2nd verse: And when I'm struggling somehow you make a profit / I'm down here scratching while you make a living off it / Watch it, it's immoral anyway you chop it / You don't have any right so like an attitude you cop it / BOOM disrespect like a bomb when ya drop it / Stop it! Oh man, look what you've become /// chorus /// 3rd verse: And when I'm facing hateration, without a hesitation / You're spreading rumors trying to ruin my reputation / You hasten to propagate your fabrications / Disgracin' the man my friends and family put their faith in / It's Jason, but this is just my modern incarnation / I'm ancient, fought you since the dawn of Creation / You vulture / Oh you vampire / Lord knows that you're a wolf now / You're a bloodsucker, a low-down bloodsucker /// chorus /// Go down backbiter, down backbite /// chorus ///

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