1994 To 96 Testo

Testo 1994 To 96

Yo, I remember when I just a little kid
Growing up, listening to hip hop
Back in like 94, 1995, 96
These were the tunes that influenced me
And that I was feeling

[Cale Sampson:]
Let me take a trip down memory lane
To 1994 when Tical brang the pain
When all I needed was Common Sense
And One More Chance, to Represent, Represent
'Cause whose world was this, the world was mine
The most beautifullest things in this world, to me were rhymes
Intertwined over Premier beats
That had Mass Appeal, teaching the Code of the Streets
Questions remained, Black Moon asked this
"How many mc's must get dissed! "
Before they get it together and communicate I'll
Sure shot smiff-n-wessun, stray bullets that kill
Confused, unorganized, just to let you know
That was a metaphor for a freaky, freaky, freaky flow
Like the one resurrected from I Used to Love Her
A hip hop classic, matched by few others
Do you want more, "I shall proceed! "
To spark Mad-izm, on the mic casually
'Cause that's how it was, and that's how it is
In 1994 I was still a young kid
Tip-toeing on the wrong side of the tracks
Between a rock and a hard place, I found Artifacts
They asked me to c'mon get down with the get down
And give y'all a sample of how that year's hits sound
So much Juicy, Flava in my ear
From O.C. to Beatnuts an unbelievable year
Although some Gravediggaz attempted suicide
9-5 showed the vibe wasn't yet Ready to Die
Aceyalone had the earth's greatest show
Still Wannabemc's act like they don't know
It's Survival of the Fittest, man Rappers are in danger
When the east is in the house, Oh My God, Danger
Straight from Brooklyn, Brooklyn Zoo
To the dirty south, come get some soul food
Damn, we could go coast to coast
With Alkaholiks, I'd like to propose a toast
To the hip hip, the hop ya don't stop (don't stop)
Das Efx brought the real hip hop (hop)
Holdin' it down as The Pharcyde dropped
Labcabincalifornia, Genius shadowboxed
In a cold world, up against the wall
I tried to be Livin' Proof, on how to not fall
The pain I felt, I used to drink it away
Then I recognized I can't keep Runnin' away
'Cause music made me high, "How High! "
So high that I could see what my soul looked like
From funky doobies that would make me trip
The next thing I knew it was 1996 **
Once again, my life was all about beats and rhymes
Innovative albums symbolized changing times
DJ Shadow and The Automator
Played Instrumental roles in providing new flavor
Bare witness, to Dr. Octagon
Kept it real raw, "Blue Flowers was the song! "
Along their quest Tribe felt Stressed Out
And Akinyele told the ladies to "Put it in your mouth! "
Ready or not, here I come
Whooo-Hah, respect to all the true honey buns
Not playin' themself, only out for the papes
With no De La Soul, but y'all know the stakes
I'm the C to the A the L to the E
And can't no other MC cook these delicacies
Just me and you, your momma and your cousin too
A bunch of Outkasts, man it must be in The Roots
R double O-T-S, check the flow
Pushed up ya lighters, when they came for a show
In your area, throughout your Section
For three years, wait 'til they hear about the next ones
Whateva Man, this is only the beginning
Moving at the speed of life, my foundation I'm Xzibiting
'Cause this is what I think, when I sit and reminisce
Of my inspirations from 94 to 96