Full Speed Ahead Testo

Testo Full Speed Ahead

I put a lot of focus on the lyrical side of writing songs
And I think like in a nutshell,
Like anybody who's my friend or who's supported me
And seen me perform, like on multiple occasions throughout the years
I think they know that the time has a come for a Cale Sampson solo album

[Cale Sampson:]
I rap full speed ahead bro
My brain races faster than a corvette goes
Usually I do impress folks
When I go off like alarms that detect smoke
Listen to Cale he's got one of the best flows
Rhymes with the same thing whatever he says yo
Spittin' lines, you have to respect so
I get love but I still have to expect foes
Listen up this is kind of grotesque yo
Wish we could sentence Bush to death row
Give him the chair, fry him with some electrodes
'Till he looks like he's about to just explode
Can't believe people re-elect those
Presidents who won before with incorrect votes
Now we need new leaders to spread hope
We all knew soon we'd be seeing a dead pope
Seriously, hope you can get jokes
I speak my mind and sometimes it upsets folks
This is something I have to confess though
I used to swear so much as a kid I was fed soap
[Cale Sampson Sniffs nose twice], don't have a perfect nose
'Cause I caught one too many direct blows
Looks like the exorcist when my head goes
Around in a circle like some kind of possessed ghost
Soon as their chests grow, girls wear less clothes
So much flesh shows, they're practically exposed
Might have a breast poke, pop out their dress so
Their parents say, "let's hope to god, it gets cold! "
Far as duress goes, my level of stress grows
Wish I was less broke, wasn't in debt so
Soon as my cheques grow, I'm able to spread dough
To all my people waving like they in S.O.S. mode
Never heard me, all these labels just said "No! "
All their A & R's are too busy to catch shows
Doesn't get much better, far as the press goes
I won't disappear like the Montreal Expos
(No) I refuse to shred hope
Already seen a couple thousand albums get sold
And you'll see how much my rep grows
The word is out, watch how far the effect goes
It echoes (echoes) like techno
Love to go to one last A Tribe Called Quest show
Now it's all about who has the best clothes
Why couldn't they of just stuck together like webbed toes
Not done, here comes the next load
You just gotta put a dollar in me and press go
So make noise if your ready to let go
'Cause this is gonna be one of the best shows

[audience applauds]