It's Not Time Testo

Testo It's Not Time

(feat. Lori Nuic)

[Chorus x2: Lori Nuic & Cale Sampson singing]
It's not time (It's not time)
For you to go now (For you to go now)
But if it is (But if it is then)
I'll live somehow (I'll live somehow)

[Verse 1: Cale Sampson]
It all happened so quick, I woke up for class
Heard a cry from your bedroom, had to act fast
Called an ambulance, you couldn't even move
Your face was pale white, your lips were turning blue
My worst fear ever was close to coming true
As long as I remember Ma, it's been just me and you
When the paramedics came, they all seemed spooked
Didn't know what was wrong, unsure of what to do
We put you on a stretcher, then rushed towards
The closest hospital for an emergency ward
Makes you realize how life is so precious
The people we care about should never be neglected
Does it have to be now, doesn't feel like it's time
You're still a young woman, ain't even past your prime
And I'm an only child, now I have to be a man
If she's gonna leave, I need to be there to hold her hand
And tell her everything she deserves to know
How much she's helped me and everybody else grow
Mom I'm so thankful for all our conversations
That found answers to frustrating complications
Anxiety's strong, "am I gonna give in? "
Right now, I feel as if I'm not even livin'
Moment to moment in constant anticipation
Struggling to get through every single situation
I'll take the advice, you gave to better my life
Because now more than ever, it's time for us to fight
This is real life stuff, we'll all go through
I'm just lucky this time, somehow my Mom's pulled through

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2: Cale Sampson]
My greatest challenge was almost losing my Mom
Preparing myself for her to be physically gone
What was I to do, my only choice was to face it
Even if I run, there's no way I can escape it
So whatever happens next, I'll have to try to deal
The chances of her death are appearing very real
Never seen someone in so much agony or pain
Pushed to the very brink of what a human can withstain
Such a close call in that hospital hall
When you were unattented to, I had to scream out a call
And sprint for a doctor, you were losing air quick
Shaking uncontrollably, I really thought that was it
And a group of surgeons realized they had to operate
Immediately cause' the situation couldn't wait
Transferred you to O.R., so they could cut your stomach open
And stop that disease from destroying vital organs
I remember telling you, our souls will stay connected
It's no coincidence in this life they've intersected
No matter the outcome, I'm a spread good energy
That you've given to me Ma, I won't let fear get the best of me
So don't be afraid, there's other people out there
Thinking of you right now, transmitting their care
You said, "see ya soon Cay's! " then got wheeled away
Showed so much bravery, I sensed you'd be okay (because)

[Chorus x2]