Fed Up Testo

Testo Fed Up

If you're Fed Up (Fed Up), if you're Fed Up
If you're Fed Up (Right Now)
It's Time to Get Up (Get Up), time to Get Up
Time to Get Up (Right Now)

[Verse 1:]
I used to work in a factory, did the night shift
But didn't want the rest of my life to be like this
A dead end job, knew there was more
Wanted to make a name for myself in this world
And my girl, she worked at the local diner
Dreaming of leaving that town behind her
Tired of always dealing with them truck drivers
Ain't the type to wait tables all of her life
So one night, we decided to just up and leave
I took two handguns for the road with me
Met her at the restaurant around three
And told them customers that they all better freeze
"We don't wanna hurt no one, just let us be! "
"This place is like a prison, were just trying to get free! "
I said Babe, "why don't you empty out that register drawer! "
Then told her boss were gonna need the keys to his Ford

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
We kept driving threw one state to the next it
Went Oklahoma, Arkansas, then Texas
Planned on getting married, that was our goal
But not until we crossed the border to Mexico
A couple of outlaws in love on the run
By now I had gave my baby one of those guns
Had to hold up gas stations or grocery stores
Whenever money got low, just to get us some more
Figured we try to pull off one last score
Ran right into that bank and yelled "Get down on the floor! "
"We don't want to hurt y'all, everybody be calm! "
"Just don't try to be a hero, and you won't get harmed! "
I said Babe, "why don't you help the manager over there! "
"Put a little bit of money in this bag right here! "
But this time, as were escaping out the front door
I turned my back, heard the sound of a Forty-four
And a bullet grazed me, right in the side of the neck
I fell, then the bastard walked to me and he said
"You gonna die now, and I'll take that money to start! "
My girl saved me, she shot him in the back of his heart

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
Had to hotwire the first automobile in sight
Now were wanted for murder, we got away with that heist
And you could hear a siren, coming up from behind
My neck stung a bit, but I was still okay to drive
Hit the gas, and we flew down that country road
The cop right on our tail, shot our back window
I said Babe take the wheel, hung out the side and fired
I stopped that damn cop, cause' I shot out his tires
Just when it looked like we were in the clear
Suddenly, ten more of them police cars appeared
And they had us surrounded, the sheriff yelled
"Put your hands where I can see them, y'all are going to jail! "
But we decided never to be locked in a cell
Separated from each other, we'd be in a living hell
I said Babe, "you know I love you more than life itself! "
"Now there's no way, we'll be able to take all of them out! "
She said "this world is a prison, we just can't be! "
"But together is the only time I ever feel free! "
I looked in her eyes, then I said I agree
We put the guns to our heads, said on the count of three