2 Phenomenal Flows Testo

Testo 2 Phenomenal Flows

Get ready y'all
To sing a little song with me
Let's give it all that we got
You gotta try and keep up
Just follow me
It goes like this

[Chorus: x2]
Alright (Alright) Alright (Alright)
Right Here (Right Here) Right Here (Right Here)
Hear This (Hear This) Hear This (Hear This)
This Flow (This Flow) This Flow (This Flow)

[Verse 1:]
My words emerge and splurge in many herds
While every verb observed is heard and later merged
Don't learn to be discouraged, disturbed or get deterred
From unassured concerns, prefer to surge superb
Test your courage, to encourage what's on your nerves
I'm on the verge of a flow that'll leave people submerged
In reserve, conserved and it's preserved
So that when I'm overheard you won't believe what just occurred
I'm getting you lured, into the rhythm of lyricism
Givin' visions of livin' in realism divisions
Driven by revisions in collisions of indecisions
Organism risen from origins and beginnings
Making you listen efficiently and sufficient
Different emissions dismissin' and quizzin' all them deficients
Unconditioned, positions who petition the wisdom
When their greatest competition's opposite to opposition
That's the premonition, existin' in definition
Ain't no repetition of superstitions will be assistin'
Distant, inefficient, inconsistent, inhibitions
Insistently persistin' on twistin' the unforgiven
I venture on a mission, for inner recognition
Cognitional condition erases all your suspicion
Hidden inquisition trapped in memory reminiscence
Break you down like malnutrition or human decompositions


[Verse 2:]
Linguistically, expertisedly, non deceivingly
With decency were pleasin' peeps using frequencies of recentcy
Unconceivably the word fat becomes obesity
Leisurely with easity these sounds move evenly
Appeasin' me, pleasin' me, I don't need to be in your regency
To make it so your feelin' me, hearin' me, seein' me
Absorbing the scenery, unbelievably clear to see
That everybody near to me is thinking coherently
Hope you listen to the oracle, I'm super metaphorical
Extremely portable through audio recordables
Unignorable, my words are so informable
Try and absorb it all, you'll find it's very rewardful
Entering another orbital, never been explored before
Where energy's restorable and equally proportional
Everybody's got eachother's backs, were supportable
Survival is affordable, our lives are gloryful
Head to our heals, we feel internal appeal
Like hunger satisfied from nutritional meals
Surreal starvation, refusing to yield
Everything I consume gets locked inside and concealed


"2 Phenomenal Flows"