Face It Testo

Testo Face It

(feat. D-Ray and TheSnowyOwl)

[Verse 1: Cale Sampson]
You know the voice, it's your boy about to spit it
Put me in the mic booth with a beat, Cale will hit it
And kick it, flip it, twist it, lick it and eat it
This kid's sick with the lyrics, you know it soon as you hear it
But rumours appear soon as you get some attention
People zoom in their ears, every sentence you mention
Some will skew with the truth, to prove a connection
To their crew with some news about you that's interesting
This intimate, intricate ish is new if you listen
A pinch of it, you're into it, so don't you lose your attention
I move with momentum, fast-pace like my life
Jump in my shoes for a second, maybe you'll taste what it's like
Face to face with the mic, either take it or not
And if you can break through the ice, there's no way that you'll stop
What you create is so nice, make a name and get props
But take a break from this life, you'll fade away or get dropped
Gotta be able to rock, any time and be hot
So when a label comes knocking you make get signed on the spot
I've been faithfully dropping all these lines, I don't stop
And y'all can basically watch me rhyming my way to the top

[Chorus x2: Cale Sampson]
Face It (Face It), I never run
Deal with whatever comes, if that's what my fate is
(Fate is) something I can't be afraid of
A chance to see what I'm made of
[Verse 2: D-Ray]
I recognise televised lies disguised, but I rise
Not trying to go blind, so I cover my eyes
Otherwise, we was just joking around
So you can go back to the internet and finish your download
Hi-definition, by definition stir crazy
I see you grinning, but repetition works baby
Let 'em listen and they'll probably dance
It stands for psychology advanced no apology
The etiquette is relevant at best, it's accepted
By anyone eccentric invested
It hedges a sense of collective conscience
The rest is a mess of eclectic nonsense
A French kiss with the best lips you could mention
Unless it's just your first steps to addiction
"Come here baby! " entertain what it's worth
And we can basically take it for every day on this earth (I said)


[Verse 3: TheSnowyOwl]
This is how it goes down, how it takes place
How the Rhythmicru fam got the wrinkles on they face
Storybook page paper, ink begins to fade
Spend days blazing haze, monochrome grey shade
Spot him in the P.M., Driving high beaming
Seen him in the evening, speaking like he's dreaming
Seeming like he's steaming, peaking shroom tea's leaving
Scheming on the greenery, the scenery we breeding
Stop for a minute, just to breathe at the top
Of this peak, 'cause it's not like the road's gonna cease
Getting crossed with these blocks, it's a constant I guess
Like taxes and death, getting stressed by the boss
I radiate life now outer-space hype (hype)
Float across the sky via letters that we type
Digi did you get it, see and hear it in the night
It's the meaning of the message of the man upon the mic