The Facts Of War Testo

Testo The Facts Of War

[Cale Sampson:]
Oil is used primarily as a fuel
There's only fifty years left of it, it's non renewable
It's the gasoline in our automobiles
Everything plastic, and all package materials
Telephones, credit cards, toothpaste
Shampoo, glasses, aspirin, house paint
Cameras, tires, film, toys, tape
Are just some of the many products that oil can make
The largest consumer is the United States
Using twenty-five percent of all petroleum made
Half of that's imported, America needs help
By Two Thousand and Twelve domestically they'll run out
Now Iraq has the second largest oil reserve
Behind Saudi Arabia on the entire earth
One point One Trillion dollars it's worth
And there's plenty undiscovered land yet to be searched
Industrial countries, depend and rely
On the Middle East to maintain our styles of life
Just imagine, if they manipulated the price
So which Countries could grow, was up to them to decide
These denials that the war's really not about oil
Are completely unconvincing, it made my blood boil
When Colon Powell claimed it would be shared nice & equal
Held in a trusteeship for all the Iraqi people
C'mon, Who you really think will service these fields
Chevron Texaco and Exxon Mobil
The largest energy companies in the nation
Out to become the world's two richest corporations
And if you back Bush, you get a part of this
If you don't co-operate he makes it very hard to live
Gotta wonder, if Nine Eleven's just an excuse
To go through with something he already wanted to do
Man, check his track record, a brutal history
Why we don't know more about it still remains news to me
This President never served, when he was called upon
And pulled strings to avoid combat in Vietnam
Did you know the first oil drilling business he got
Lost lots of money and was a financial flop
Arbusto, became Bush Explorations
Hoping the family name would help it's reputation
Two years later it failed as well
He was bailed out by a College friend from Yale
When William Dewitt, bought his company out
Then merged it with Spectrum Seven as an offer of help
And immediately George Bush became C.E.O
But by Nineteen eighty-six, the same tale unfolds
A group of investors, with political motives
Appeared in the nick of time, to become his co-owners
Harken Energy, now listen close here
Paid him well over a Hundred-Thousand dollars a year
With a lack of experience, and financial debts
Came an unbelievable chance for them to get rich
'Cause close to Iraq, is the Country Bahrain
Fearing an invasion by Saddam Hussein
They bypassed major U.S. oil chains
And gave Bush's company rights to drill their terrain
But by Nineteen-Ninety internal advisors
Warn of the company's potential demises
Already a Hundred and Fifty Mill' in the hole
And if Saddam invades Kuwait stock value will fall
One month later Bush decided to sell
Two-Thirds of the shares in Harken that he held
That's a lot, to dump at once on to the market
But good timing, he made a two-hundred percent profit
Eight Hundred and Fifty Grand on the deal
At it's top price on the exchange, what a sale
'Cause Eight days later Harken Oil reports
That it's down twenty-five percent and dropping more
Who's guilty of insider trading here
When you look at the facts George Bush should appear
Even though he insists, he never got information
And was unaware of any kind of dire situation
No one has ever announced who made the purchase
An unidentified buyer, it's almost perfect
He also violated S.E.C. regulations
To announce your deals to them, by a month after you make them
But dad was President, controlled the commission
In charge of investigating his own son's suspicion
And you wonder why, he was never punished
The case against him was dropped, now it's over & done with

[Outro: x8]
What do we want (Peace), when do we want it (Now)