Potential Testo

Testo Potential

Eh yo, you ever feel like you have a gift,
A special talent you're passionate about, which no one can take from you
And all you ever want, is a chance to use it to the fullest
But for whatever reason, it hasn't happened yet (huh)

[Verse 1:]
This is getting serious man, I'm desperate and broke
Overworking myself, I need to rest but I don't
And the future of my life and rap profession's a joke
The size of my wallet has got me questioning both
Like never before I'm second guessing my hunch
Thought I could rap with the best of em', Now I'm stressing a bunch
Putting holes in the wall, with this left-handed punch
I can't even take my girl out to breakfast or lunch
Too many bills to pay, my cheques ain't enough
Everthing's being sucked as the debt piles up
Now I'm thinking of stuff that might get me in cuffs
Starting to not give a ffff, "G I'm set to erupt! "
Pray to God I won't be singing these songs to myself
How the hell will I ever buy my Mom's a house
This is real life, this is a call for help
I'm doing all I can, I can't do it all by myself

[Chorus: x2]
I will fulfill my Potential
I will fulfill my Potential (Yes)
I will fulfill my Potential (Watch)
I will fulfill my Potential
[Verse 2:]
Giving up so much for my few moments of glory
But they're what I look forward to man, I'm not sorry
So surely, y'all understand it ain't personal
The love that I receive, I feel that I do deserve it yo
We all have a dream, I'm trying to live mine
I've given time to it everyday, since I've been Nine
And I've had several visions I saw in the past
Actually come true since I started to rap
That go way beyond the music, into others lives
As you hit them in the heart and stimulate their minds
So when this starts to happen, you realize
There ain't nothing that compares to how you feel now inside
I've devoted my life, to holding the mic
Cause' I know that it might, just help me grow to new heights
I've been told all my life I'm a soldier who fights
Now the flow's so tight, all of my goals are in sight


[Verse 3:]
Sometimes I feel unstoppable, so motivated
Amped up, nothing can ever get in the way of it
I'm digging so deep inside to find fuel
When I get in touch with it, my rhymes defy rules
I'm feeling it, foreseeing what I can be
Like there's a Thousand friends all screaming inside of me
And pushing me, so Cale never falls behind
I have the strength of a Hundred men all combined
Gotta make time, to do what I know best
Sit at this desk, let ideas process
And watch them unravel, as the writing extends
It's natural, thoughts come to life through my pen
Animation, when I'm holding the pencil
Cale's rhymes always control the instrumental
The beat rides me, ain't no filler to kill her
Cause' baby I just keep on getting iller and iller