C-a-l-e Testo

Testo C-a-l-e

Cale Sampson
Check it out, were gonna do something special here
Every word that I say is gonna start with the letter "C"
And then "A", then "L" and then "E"
It's all gonna rhyme, and it's all gonna make sense
So put your listening caps on
Let's get into this

[Cale Sampson:]
Cale's Crafty, Consistently Creative
Constantly Consciously Communicative
Commanding, Careful Concentration
Causing Consequential Complications
Calamity, Chaos, Confusion
Cataclysmic, Climactic Conclusions
Cleverly Contrived, Classified Content
Chronicled Courtesy Continuous Comments
Conveying, Crystal-Clear Conviction
Comprehensible, Comfortable Conditions
Crusading Cross-Country Competently
Consulting Compasses Confidently
Castaway Carrying Confidential
Combos Compiling Cardinal Credentials
Caliber, Counter Clockwise Calendar
Combating Carnivore, Cannibal Challengers
Arranging Articulate Alliances
Alphabetical, Audible Appliances
Above-Average, Atypical Anomaly
Athletically Abnormal Anatomically
Agile, Acrobatically Advanced
Absolutely Annihilating Anyone Against
Appreciated, Around and Abroad
Attentive Audiences Automatically Applaud
Acknowledging, An Admirable Aptitude
Amplified Appreciation, Astonished Attitudes
All Accounts Ahead Affirm Awful Aftermath
Among Afraid Attendants Anxiety Attacks
Alarming, Asthmatic Activation
Anguish, Agony, Aggravation
Accelerating Avidly, Abusing Anatomy
As Antidotes Are Applied Actively

Long Lost Lyrical Laborer Letting Loose
Lateral, Linear Lines Like Longitude
Lengthening Lithospheric Landscapes
Literally Locating Liquidizable Lakes
Leech Loaded Lagoons Lingering Latently
Luring Lizardly Locust Larva Lately
Lousy, Ludicrous, Lugubrious Lugs
Lazy, Lethargic, Lacking Lasting Love
Limitless Lunar Looking Luminous Light
Lucidly Levitating Liberating Life
Lecturing Loud, Lacerating Languish
Linguistical Levels Launching Language
Lucrative Lungs, Learning Large Lexicons
Leaping Ladders, Labyrinths, Leviathans
Larynx, Leadership, Listening, Lesson
Longevity, Legacy, Licensed Living Legend

Energetic, Exciting Entertainer
Elaborate, Effective Explainer
Exceeding Enormous Expectations
Every Exhalation's Education
Experimentation, Extreme Exploration
Exhibiting Evidential Evaluations
Eerie, Extraction Excavations
Erecting Enthusiastic Examinations
Emotionally Encouraging Entity
Embodying Extraordinary Energy
Electrified Enriched Eyewitnesses
Emitting Exhilarating Elicitness
Eclipsing Exuberant Explosiveness
Ecstatically Enjoying Euphorianess
Experiencing, Extravagant Events
Evidence Exposed, Each Eventually Ends