The Human Genome Project Testo

Testo The Human Genome Project

[Verse 1:]
Our physical traits are influenced by genetics
That make us vulnerable to disease like diabetics
Or multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's and cancer
Apparently this project will provide these answers
A molecular blueprint of homosapiens
That will remodel the world with it's information
I wonder how this data will be interpreted
And who really has control over dispersing it
In case you haven't known, it's the human genome
Twenty-three chromosomes capable of being cloned
Thirty thousand genes encoded by DNA
Sequenced along three billion bases atomically
Government departments of energy and health
Helped research expand by providing their wealth
To form a worldwide scientific collaboration
Against secrets of life and all mystification

It's essential the public becomes aware
Revolutionary changes will occur everywhere
Time to choose what is or not ethical
The Human Genome Project's got me sceptical

[Canibus:] "The Human Genome Project"

[Verse 2:]
In Nineteen Fifty-Three, Francis Crick
And James Watson discovered the double helix
In Deoxyribonucleic acidics
With thoughts that were completely anti religious
They wanted to prove that there was no God
That ideas of vitalism should be viewed in disregard
'Cause anything divine was now impossible
And primarily explained as being biological
Intelligence levels, plus aggressive behavior
Biasedly defined by those the results favored
Inequalities grew as power maintained
For dominant social systems who manipulate our brains
To believe what they're saying is the actual truth
Just because an expert claims there's factual proof
That's how morality can become distorted
When a few people decide for the world what is important


[Verse 3:]
Corporations like Celera Genomics
Privately sell info to make profits
To pharmaceutical firms in search of products
That will improve business and company economics
Testing on non-human organisms
Lab mice and fruit flies for polymorphisms
As biotechnology invents new creatures
Mutated animals with deformative features
Functioning organs are grown inside them
And transplanted to people on the verge of dying
Through nuclear shifting of somatic matter
Cloning a sheep named Dolly was successfully mastered
Possibilities cause implications
Like embryo pre-natal manipulations
So parents can make their ideal child
A therapeutically-enhanced altered profile
But who will gain access to our personal records
Maybe job employers or insurance inspectors
Blatantly invading all rights to privacy
Subjectively forming a cultural hierarchy
Entirely based on eugenic foundations
Past history's of inhumane discriminations
Like nazi racism, attempted termination
Of populations through genocide elimination