Now It's My Time Testo

Testo Now It's My Time

(feat. Sumeet)

[Intro: Cale Sampson]
Cale Sampson
DJ Kemo
It's my Time y'all
[Verse 1: Cale Sampson]
Let me play with the flow, any way that I know
Only way that I'll grow, okay so here we go
Cale'll show, you just how to do it
Cue it, as I'm running through it, the music let's get into it
So (So) are you ready to begin
I can take you toward any direction you point in
Let's Go (Go) on a little journey
All you Slow (Pokes), all I hope's that you heard me
In a hurry, I'm learning all the time
My rhymes are kind of curvy, they turn with every line
Like this (Listen), sometimes I throw in a twist
With what I hold in my fist, it's so gold you're willing to risk it
This - is Mister Cale Sampson
Pale and he's handsome, singing you an anthem
From the get-go, I felt like it could blow
If you're ready for it, I'll serve it so here you go

[Chorus: Sumeet]
You know I'm ridin' for days, give me a beat I'll amaze
Ev-er-y-time (Everytime), yes I get by (I'll get by)
And no I can't quit this fight, until this paper ignites
Gotta keep Trying (Keep Trying), now it's my time (Yes It's My Time)

[Verse 2: Cale Sampson]
(Here-Here-Here) I come again into your ear (ear-ear)
Run and tell a friend, so they can cheer (cheer -cheer)
I can shift it, to another - gear
Right here, right now, so you better stay - Clear
Rappin' for you, writing magical tunes
Since I was a kid, and that's the truth
Cause' I always put my soul in it
That's how I make the audience say "Holy Shhhh! "
This is just a little bit of what you can imagine
If you think about a flow that people couldn't even fathom
So (So), don't keep it a secret
Cale Sampson's coming through your speakers
I'm just trying to make sure you know what my name is
So it stays in your brain till' you play this for your neighbors
All I'm trying to do is keep it moving everydayyyy
Live it till' the Grave, no time to take a breaaaaaak

[Chorus: Sumeet]

[Verse 3: Cale Sampson]
Now I don't think times up, time to rise up
So close your eyes shut, got a surprise (What)
Just look (what), this is what's up next
On the cut, (cut), it's too much to catch (So)
Pay attention, I'm assemblin' and I'm blendin'
A new kind of invention with a message that I'm Sennnn-din'
No pretendin', my intention is extendin'
Always stemmin' out ascendin', keep attemptin' to the ennnn-din'
"Holy! " people told me
To go for my dream, and do anything it'll take for glory
And that's what I'm a do, you can Hear -it -loud
In everything I do, through my Lyr-ics-now
Listen close, shiftin' flows
Hittin' notes, that you didn't know
So get yourself ready for this
One more time, here comes the chorus

[Chorus x2: Sumeet]

[Outro: Cale Sampson]
That's right
Were just warming up
Cale Sampson
Stay Tuned