6 Minutes Of Death Testo

Testo 6 Minutes Of Death

Featuring Reign Man

You niggas lame, this nigga flame
Like I spits in the SONA
Real high still fly like whip in the honda
They on the rocks I'm in the spot and I'm with the Madonna
I beat it up , she coming back we like Chris and Rihanna
Chubby, I spray at them if they start to trip
When I'm around these rappers don't have a heart to spit
The known legend I be stressing so I spark the piff
Lonely though 'cause all my dogs gone whole marcus vid
Bars is sick when I'm from mama triple G
Now we pushing pounds remember niggas used to nickel treat
May one flip double that, tell them triple me
Done cake and still they gonna make us gunplay triple C
Guarantee the nigga dead before we get the meat
Taking everything a nigga got and don't forget the teeth
We make cream ,it's the A-team and I'm Mr.T
We turn pianos over homie, it's the flip a key
We are hot nigga, and the swamp damn benz
Got the crocodile seats with the frog eyes nigga
Ye I'm ballin' you looking at the ball God nigga
Swear why I got the game locked up hard tight nigga
Real street kill beats, that's why they all die nigga
Even pets fuck around and see your dog die nigga
You looking at the best I'm the one nigga I chop beef
I adopt heating I sun niggas that flash meadow
I beat the game, you niggas stuck on the last level
I just put my foot down like a gas pedal
I ain't scared to see a nigga yelling "you again"
Show 'em with my tool again ,rap star a hooligan
Say I need my foot up in the door I got shoe again
Living what I think about, fucking dreams and you upon
I stack cheques and I hate chicks with wet sex
The rap vet my bitches balling like Shaq ex
Just know I got the chopper, boom shakalaka
Clips pop, wrist shot, no hands Waka Flocka
You get your fam hurt homie get your team drowned
Fuck yelling man down!, niggas yelling team down!
Nice for so long , people saying that I'm mean now
Went it for a minute ain't no fucking Charlie Sheen around
I'm so addicted to rap bread and I pack lean
I'm still shooting if he half dead ,it's the fucking motto
We done went from the hood bitches to fucking models
Tell them club niggas need to bounce screw a fucking bottle
Learn how to shoot young, first fight I drew down
Told Drow I flew pounds, who fuckin with my crew now
You ever caught me with a woman , just know I got blue now
Get my limp on,I get my pimp on I brew down
Fire if you steppin' up , fired if you effin' up
You thinkin' bout marriage with her thinking bout effin us
Chubby , Larsony the team that's who I'm stuck with now
Kill you while you lonely homie, who gon' tell you duck it now
Fuck around to tell your girl, suck it now, suck it down
Er'night a chubby nigga scoring I get buckets now
I'm a monster you nigga try to match thriller
Here to blow heads back call my 90 cap pillar
Part time rapper though , 4 time crack dealer
The white boys making money for me Mack Miller
Oh ye there's coke and open doors so I keep keys
Heat squeeze face shot, shooting till his cheek bleed
Mr. fuck a bitch hard till the sheets bleed
Run until my feet bleed , the truth nigga BC
Coming from the top, ye that spot and I ain't sharing it
Ain't no looking for the crown 'cause I'm already wearing it

(Verse 2)
Niggas tryin to road, know my name ain't no wearing me
I wasn't a sado masist 'cause them nigga scaring me
DMA trashing math don't compare to me
Exposing these niggas they are not who they appear to be
Hearing niggas saying they the champ sound weird to me
You ain't the best till you beat the best that's clear to me
Nigga say they never got body well prepared to be
I write rhymes to give you a lifetime of therapy
I ain't in the busting the heat, but I'm a rider nigga
Nicknamed the bus driver, uppercut you to sleep
I don't like drama but if it's beat fuck it to speak
Couple of words and nigga you can lose a couple of teeth
Take a DA I ain't trying to hand no fucking retreat
I don't play you gonna pay, I got the fucking receipt
See I came to get my bully on, rolling off that color purple
Boy I get my whoopie on
This is what it like for Treyvon I got my hoodie on
Sniper rifle a rapper and remove him from the earth that God put him on
6 minute beat, we just put it in half
3 minutes of peace so we can get in our bag
Hit my nigga murk so I can get in the levish
By the beating of the beat like I was hitting the bag, hold up!
And I murder sue serf with a loose burst
Who acting like I had about 5 Emmy's and a few perks
I was told ask questions second, shoot first
And them niggas think he's Satan I'm taking 'em 2 turks
Anything I say I'm backing it up
Can't get no battles 'cause they say I'm not active enough
Rappers making up excuses people backing them up
How 'bout I punch you in the mouth is that active enough
Candy man I'm who they whispering about
Pac died so I'm the best, what's the bickering about
Flow nasty like Wayne and Baby kissing in the mouth
I'm about to blow like a time bomb sitting in your house
And I call down Salem and its wealth
But murder booth just put he want a bottle and a shelf
Your boy hungry like I just got out the cell
I'ma graduate with honors I am not about the fail
They ask Mack, who is this nigga?
I'm the champ don't be foolish my nigga
You think you doin' it bigger
Well recognize me was the first niggas on the battle tours
So I'm the reason that you do it my nigga don't ever forget it
This mean you better come with it
You need a football helmet on instead of a fitting
If I quote it you know I wrote it if I said it I get it
Get out of line and you gon' need a paramedic to visit
See I'm trying to be conscience niggas ain't respect now
I heard their responses ,meat fall off I'm a murderer all the non sense
Let you niggas take it any further is preposterous
My verse is so monstrous
I murder any rapper that's in front of me
It's fun to me, I'm waiting for a nigga try to comet me
Murder them , kill them dead nigga that's a summary
Gulf war syndrome look what the world has done to me
Body bag season, that go for anybody that's breathing
Mac 11 flow, spread bodies on the semen
Nobody will be leaving, I knock the butt out your body
I don't need a reason, Easy