Bitch Dont Kill My Vibe Testo

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Testo Bitch Dont Kill My Vibe

You've been riding some fullshit
So I roll up, smoke up,
Please don't talk that bullshit, just kick back, post up,
I'm gonna get you wet girl, just say I, soak up,
Ain't the one to be tripping on, won't you sipping on, let's toast up,
I left the hood, my new place, best believe that it ain't no trenches,
I got bars random cars, around them stars no it ain't no benges,
Yes I know, I would say that I got time to grow,
But it ain't no inches, feel my high, tell that bitch no kill my vibe
But I ain't no kendrick

Is that your shit, is that your whip
Do you feel good when you rap your shit,
Do you kiss her, holm that's so sick
The way she act, homie is that your bitch,
If you niggas hating, do you know they leaking
Can you see they fat? do you know they eating?
Bon-appetit niggas know they feast,
And I'm talking Hawaii trips a weekend
Yep the life,mean coast, vanished pain cigar life
New fans can't never wait, for that new jag that car life
Been fluid, talk real 'cause I've been through it that hard life
And I'm seeing cash, killing shit is just me and cast that bar life
Chubby up, I'm high as hell, high as hell I'll be on the light,
On the partner my girl is hot, she mad as here will be gone a lot,
But I don't trip and she will love me again
And soon as niggas get on the top,
You see me chasing money bitch, it's so much I don't wanna stop,
You want too much attention girl,
Pay attention girl I'm pimpin girl,
Making money no simpin girl, it ain't that I just limpin girl
Now I've been there done that
Till it go bitch f*ck around and go back,
Thinking I'm soft 'cause a nigga may come back
Whatever you from, baby girl better run back
I ain't with that, you get me,
Swear nigga so stoned did you hear me,
Five cups of Patron did you tips it?
Nigga fin the smoke the shit is with me
Yeah, smoke one in my ride, yeah
Smoke on in my ride see you talking bout that bullshit
But bitch don't kill my vibe yet,

Bitch don't kill my high, bitch don't kill my high
See you nigga fading, bitch don't kill my high
Yall know what it is homie, chubby,
Flyest fat nigga you know, what happenin'
Chubby, bitch don't kill my high
Hey, you already know what it is my nigga
You come in with that 6 pack you ready to kick back
You know what I'm saying that loud pack you ready to roll up
This bitch talking about where you been, you feel me
She know you with that bitch and this bitch
You just been kicking you know what I'm saying
Bitch killing the whole fucking vibe, what happenin