Anti Up Testo

Testo Anti Up

We the fucking legion of doom
We the reason all these wack ass rappers leaving the room
Destined to be great since I was deep in the wound
On my mother these motherfuckers is trash ,give me the broom
Jag was poppin' I met my bag and I'm plotting
I set back and was watching, I came back like I'm boxing
Stick move dip , you see me jabbing and dodging
I beat a rapper to death nigga I ain't rapping or blogging
This what it would sound like if cocaine could talk
Flammable ,who ever knew that propane could walk
Jeffery diamond mind state, that's explains my thoughts
Hit you harder than what the snitch say your name in court
I appreciate the haters, thank 'em for their time
They hold me down like that shit is on your ankle for a crime
I destroy rappers , break down rhymes
I fuck up a sucker MC I ain't your guy, hold up
Miracle homicide when I'm spitting
I was nicest, Mary Jane bladge was still sniffing
Whoop your ass like your dad, I give you a real whipping
When I'm done, quite sure that your body will feel different
Look, I pick on rappers that pick on rappers
I should've met you niggas wanna go and get their ratchet
Me and my nigga Jag about to work, mixtape magic
The fans stopped playing yours and forget they had it
I'm back , better than ever, hungrier than I ever been
I break mad harder,big ass down to the skeleton
How you gonna ignore something that's the size of an elephant
You dumb but not enough to battle me so you intelligent
Fuck all the talking get at me nigga
If you gonna diss me on twitter then act nigga
You supposed to be gangster, exactly nigga
I hold it down and I don't need no one to back me nigga

(Verse 2)
Chubby, the ball flaming on this nigga high
Realest nigga living, I'm exactly what you niggers not
40 to this nigga top, 40 make a nigga drop
Crack heads slug , hollow point get a nigga ride
Chubby, be on the nigga block for a nigga spot
Mobbin' , hail Mary shout out to that nigga Pac
See where I'm from we don't fight,them niggas poppin'
Addicted to my long nose you can see a nigga snot
Don't talk about rappers, I dismantle one
Pop people homie shot eagles before I could handle one
Chubby flow out of this world, they gotta channel some
Risk game cold, kick game like Daniel-san
I tell a nigga fuck the rest I'm the best snapping
I'm on the jet jet-lagging nigga neck flashing
Vet trapping, still mind nigga tech clapping
Bullets like hey I'm neutered shooting like Rex Chapman
Chubby, flow crazy niggas flipping out
Me and Reign shuffle man just look what niggas ditching out
Get a beat a whip it nigga, stripping pull a sniffing out
Barrel to this nigga lives, I let the heater kiss his mouth
And that mean you gonna be stuck boy, fuck boy
No 5 0 I know the game like young buck boy
And every since I put it down I be up boy
Let you niggers have a lil runner had enough boy
I'm turned up homie, drunk in the wine world
I used to dream about mad cash and a fine girl
Now I got my hussle up and every day I double up
For real, I got a bitch of both sides like shine cruel
Fresh to death nigga, clubs should be in the tomb
Everybody scared niggas quiet when we in the room
I started riding homie, just give me a reason to boom
Me and Reign raining on you niggas it's the legion of doom