Money Trees Testo

Testo Money Trees

I am the best homie, real G no vest on
Type of nigga that go to war
Don't fuck around or get stepped on
Her ass there, her breath's gone
Weed mouth my breath strong
Salute me I'm a vet homie
Them niggas get slapped on
Straight nigger, bars
I hope I stay killer,
Won't stop till I'm over ballin'
I'm going out like Dre Miller
Shout out to my watch niggas
LA boy got hot nigga
Don't think I'm gon' pop still
You crazy homie, just watch nigga
I'm learning that you can't trust people
They do you wrong you gotta watch niggas
White men see us ballin' out
They going hard, we gotta stop niggas
Chasing dreams, chasing green
I just hope I make the cream
Hussle like we tryin' out
And I'm just trying to make the team
I know why they stare now,
OG can't compare loud
Used to dream about being famous
But I ain't got no care now
I'm gonna leave this beast alone
'Cause this shit ain't no fair now
Bugged out like a bettle nigga
And you bought them hairstyle
Chubby ye ,Chubby ye
Tryin hard to get my number you bitch
You want that pipe ,I call your plumber you bitch
I see that top I won't go under you bitch
Ye it's gonna be the coldest summer you bitch
Oh you ain't heard that I'm a stunter you bitch
But short shot niggas call me gunner you bitch
They like they notice nigga tripping
They notice nigga beating me
The coldest nigga spitting crown me