Cream Testo

Testo Cream

(Verse 1)
I swear I'm getting cream in the hood
Ye I got these bitches hoping
We laughing ,you niggas joking
We high , my nigga smoking
Where I'm from either you whooping or you niggas loaking
My shawty my niggas scooping
We shooting you niggas open
This shit insane I'm hitting dames for flipping canes
But shit did change, I'm getting change for spitting flame
I call shots or just sit and aim
You probably was Jordan back in the day, it's a different game
My fuck with your wack nigga you keeping me entertained
I come to the strip club she thinking we in the rain
Chubby Jag , I'm hood y'all , I should be rapping for a good cause
Buffing now I need them papers with the good clause
They tell me I rap wrong, shit is all good y'all
Said I'm the only nigga living with a good flaws
Where I'm from you get cake and invest in the chain
But I need a subway ,I'm tryin to invest in the chain
I ain't done I think cash and invest in the name
So that way I could be rich and the best in the game
My gun smoking homie ,swear I got tulie hot
Gold chain flat top, still feeling like cooli hot
I tell that bitch you got a man, well tell that foolie by
You hate the tuli ride, you gon' see that foolie fried
Chubby, them goons niggas gon' surround me
'Cause cash rules everything around me
Cream ,get the money
(Hook) x2
Cash rules everything around me
Get the money
Dollar, dollar bill y'all

(Verse 2)
I kill them beats, you fucking with me you gonna get in that hearse
No matter what you niggas say you still gonna get this verse
The young nigga with some moms that hope to get some squirt
Tell that bitch to suck it right I promise you gon' get this work
Chubby, I hussle coke 'cause I like serving
Just need me the right person I catch 'em like Mike Erwin
I got the pipe squirting
Your team dumb, machine gun ,got me feeling like kels, you know the white version
Bitches be fucking 'cause I don't like virgins
I'm on my job with these hands get me fireworking
I swear you never seen a day that niggas ain't bought it
See where I'm from you could get sliced and niggas can't cut it
Ye I be spitting my rhithm sound the traditional
Shout out Jason Gangs 'cause I'm killing with this tradition flow
Ye I be rapping but mostly niggas been getting dough
My shine leach, I'm a Pimp , you get me I'm hitting hoes
I know lil weezy, the real lil weezy
The tall nigga that get crazy he a little grizzy
Sometimes I wake up like this rap just a little easy
And all them hot class models just looking a little sleazy
I ain't gotta claim my hood 'cause you can see G
King of the cypher shit, no love from BT
I sail ye , you move E like a dvd
I'm from the school of hard notch like fuck a GD
You know the motto "get rich or I'ma die tryin"
Flyest nigga living, if I go then I'ma die flying
You can try anybody my nigga Wild Ryan
These bitches telling y'all business don't even try lying
I master mind it's the master mind
You got cashed then I'm blasting mine
My niggas bought the cream

(Hook) x4
Cash rules everything around me
Get the money
Dollar, dollar bill y'all