IFU Testo

Testo IFU

Heard his sound in the fucking booth
You know I should take you down
Sex is supposed to make you smile
Fuck them dudes that made you frown
Put my list on top of yours
Legs is up I lay you down
Fuck me like a pro I swear
Feel like I should pay you now
I don't mean no disrespect
But you can make a killing girl
Damn I love that feeling
You just don't know how I'm feeling girl
Mister come and eat it up, even if we chillin girl
Beat it like a speed bag, hang it from the ceiling girl
Oh you feeling hot tonight, aham yup I save me too
I'm gonna have my niggas with me
You should bring them legs through
Old school loving got us fucking like it's '82
Ask her new her nigga put it down I bet she say he do
Dress blue, nails blue, love the way you smell boo
You fuck a nigga like you just got out of jail boo
Plus swear the whole package right, they ain't gotta sell you
Bomb pussy keep it wet, but I ain't gotta tell you
Work it like you bossin' up piper ye you coughing up
Tie teal fresh to death, tell them hoe that coughing up
I ain't really worried about them haters I'm just talking us
Knew she was the one soon as I seen this lady walking up
Chubby. I'm Ice Cube, and you my yoyo
Proving like we're from the DMV and this is gogo
I'm kissing on her neck touch her right slow mo
I'm thinking uhmmm, why the fuck is you so low
She gave me that look, private like a black book
I'm fishing for that pussy girl, I swear you got this cat hook
Well you be with your man, you be screaming nono
Whenever I asking forward you be screaming yolo
She let me play photographer I know you seen the photo
Boo I just started going hard so what you screaming for though
The wheels running, couple hours got 'em still coming
New fake hoes is for the birds I need a real woman
I'm tryin' to sleep in it, touch down deep in it
Face so far in that pussy I got my teeth in it
Whenever you like boo, it's nothing tonight
Just me and you so guess who fucking tonight, bring the hood back