Full Effect Testo

Testo Full Effect

Yeah, it's Chubby!
Niggas turned up by a hundred degrees in this bitch
You know what it is
Chubby, Chubby!

Uh! It's player and balling, keep the coaches out
I never talked too much,
Cause niggas speak on what you spoke about
Money when I focus about, whole pounds smoke it out
Broke used to lead the lights on to keep the roaches out
I wanna buy my momma store, but the money tight
I know a couple rich niggas, but funny, they're the funny type
Chubby! I should be smiling, happy, the sunny type
Tired of telling niggas homie, I need to get my money right.
I knew the shit was hard, I already knew the shit
The real question is how long can I do the shit?
For ten years homie, no recognition but so in position
I'm cooking like I flow in the kitchen
An old school flat type, homie showing tradition
I'm playing like I'm in the finals, homie no exhibition
All my women looking vicious,
I thought you're in a lake with piranhas
My niggas way past swimming with the fishes!
It's Chubby! You get the red dot, chess shot, leg shot
Arms hit, head shot, shooting till his head drop
The haters been saying Cas got a beast
I've been killing every track, I swear I'm running out of beats
Got my foot in every doors like I' running out of feet
Gonna live from pulling stickers cause my youngsters gotta eat
Get me? caged in the way I live, this shit is not common
Jail food, niggas so addicted to top rhyming
We're trying to get our shine on, so we cut diamonds
Hustling man niggas on a block with a glock grinding
I carry heat bro, before I creep up I'ma fucking blast it
School her hard, not graduated, no I fucking passed it
Got a question for my niggas, hoe don't fuck it ask it
Pete dub Larsony found in my fucking casket
Jag nigga you know you're with the fight
Too hard to get the peace hand, you know you're with the knife
I don't think I just do it, you know, homie with a nights
Niggas so close to winning, feel like Colby with the whites!
Chubby, I want it bad, so bad that niggas can't sleep
Feed the family, till the mother fuckers can't eat!
Man, Chubby still ain't on this can't be
You know the model talk shit till we can't speak!
Chubby, you see they're trying to design me, the drama to hind me
Obama will rhyme me, but you don't hear me hoe
My mind know plenty, I bump on many
You stupid niggas not a match, you put LeBron on penny
Dig me, you get me? Homie you're penny and I'm LeBron
It's tick tock until you're blowing and get me on the bar
Niggas fucking with my money, you gonna see the ground
I'mma get you where the first, I'll be where you need to drown
You don't think I'm losing weight, that's until you see the pounds
Chubby Jag kill me ,king until I see the crown!