I Dont Like Testo

Testo I Dont Like

I don't like
I don't like
Fake niggers

Big ballin' like Shaq do
Big kicks I'm like Shaq fo
When I'm back through with my flat top
And that fat boy on my tattoo
Smoke one and I match two
Act hard and get smacked blue
Talk shit and I talk hands
You talk more I got gats too
Fuck you hoes it's fucking night
Mean nigga, I ain't nothing nice
Beat that shit then kick you out
Hail ye, fucking right
I could give a fuck about a fucking price
Nigga come in and steal like a fucking night
Nigga get it everyday every fucking night, ball
Treat it like it's cuffing night
Lean got me on stuck tonight
Nigga I ain't getting off tonight
Tell that bitch getting naked and I'm finna go in
Chubby finna fuck tonight, yo
How dare nigga diss me
I'm fresh to death call me 6 feet
Real nigga , my shit deep
And you see through, you like fish pee
My pipe is out when your bitch speak
My pipe is out when your bitch eat
My pipe is out like all the time
She suck me off like shit sweet
Suck my off till my shit sleep
I awake in bed, I need weed now
Don't give a fuck if you ballin' out
'Cause I call the shots ,I'm on speed dial
My mama hood, my girl G
That floor follows my girl heat
And she don't trippin' she out of slurps
She throwing blows like world peace
I be beat when I speak through
Skeet skeet then I lean too
High as hell 'cause I'm off the green
Chief Keef then I chief too
Guarantee you don't want nah
Buy 2 if I want one
Dope boys where the crack flow
Niggas thinking I'm on some
I'm stuntin' I'm stuntin' I'm living life levish
I'm ballin' all my niggers they ball
I'm feeling like magic yeah
It's no time for the cool guys
I talk shit I'm the rude guy
Work in the bag like school guys
Fuck around had the whole school high
Peace in me , I move pies
Hate on me and that 2 rocks
On the mic a nigga bust so much
The booth gon' go ahead and get a 2's tie

That's that shit I don't like
That's that shit I don't like
All that fake rap shit
That's that shit I don't like