Clique Testo

Testo Clique

I be smoking, I be smoking
I'm clowning, I be joking
I be stroking all these hoes
They not rich but I be hoping
Uip be faded , I be choking
Pockets up like they be cooking
Fall through wrist is shining
Blue like I be loaking
I'm styling on my dolo
I'm wiling nigga yolo
I be riding , I be riding
Like the lil man on my polo
I'm the greatest fuck some taty
Like an ese on my cholo
I get instafans off instagrams off my photo
Chubby I know I ain't got no jiga though
Funny where I'm from
I'm still respected like that nigga dough
All my niggas with me here
Grinding just to get me here
Slanging with the deal
I got that cobs with that whitney here
Went in on my own court
Ain't nobody sent me here
Taking niggas spots
'Cause our Xfactor Britney Spears
You better learn a nigga
Fuck around and burn a nigga
Once I first and you turn a nigga the pipe is with me
The knife is with me his kids poppin' your wife with me
Anything should happen I get it cracking like rice crispy
You with the funny business you think it's your comic world
I came here to blow up dough this is my atomic world

Kill the kush
They call this the chronic world
You pussies don't have a clue
Shit you like an amish girl
You niggas finish, funny look where my spinach vintage
Know if I bought it my niggas in it your shit is ringing
Niggas got you scared to show your face
And so your shit is tenant
Fly so they still be hoping in it
If my shit is dinner
Hard it ain't no cover up now I'm merely tucker up
No bullets box it out , bus driver upper cut
Kill a pussy fuck her like I'm really trying to fuck her up
She just want some bread for hidden I just tell her bucker up
Chubby man I swear I need it now 'cause all this wait and scary
Be surrounded by this green I feel like Jason Terry
I carry lil cash 'cause you know how them girls be
Tryna shine but we both know ain't no diamonds and pearls cheap
Turn up off the flour ye that sour but my girl sweet
And my team bra feel like Bin Wallace on world peace
I want the fucking cream bad that I could fucking scream
Can't a fucking fiend stop a nigga that's my fucking dream
I know that my kids is gonna be brightest it's in my fucking gene
Ain't nobody fucking with my clique you know the fucking team