New God Flow Testo

Testo New God Flow

Shake that body, party that bod
Shake that body, party that bod
Shake that body, party that body
Come and have a good time with G.O.D

If needed money start in pitching the bags
A real job is such a kick in the ass
I remember mom's hiding all the cheese and I dig in the stash
But really I ain't trying to dig in the past
I'm trying to get bread flip the call a bank
Like I'm hitting the glass
Itch in the blast
Bullets like I'm Vick in the lat
Remember running from my boys left my kicks in the grass
Funny now I'm in the kitchen with Cass getting the cash
I'm all about my swag fuck everything else
Tell 'em Chubby Jag fuck everything else
You can say what you want just be looking for my goons
They gon' beat the nigga ass fuck everything else
His shit be sounding crazy, I swear that I'm the greatest
I really mean that shit don't get twisted 'cause I'm faded
And I can't say I'm the new God, 'cause can't nobody do God
Creative with the flow and I send all the thanks to God
Tell them girls Biggie's back, er'body 2Pac
Where I'm from ,real homie and that will get you shot
Swear it's my truth , if you hate I might shoot
One gun's not enough for manimi like 2
They say where you come from they don't do it like you
All the slims like woo, all the low's like true
Homie I don't even bang bring the niggas right through
When the sound is good they can underprice you
Stay willin' , hard work with straight talent
Ball coming with the heat now, we Ray Allen
Know that we earn it, but we learn it like we still in school
Broke so I'm filling food, hungry so I'm stealing food
I don't really want the OJ so I'm stealing shoes
You need a new fit to hang so I'm feeling cool
The air nars will fuck you over got me feeling screwed
Lately holidays been weak and I'm kinda feeling Scrooge
I'm petting my dues on the floor and cat's house
And that blackout room where we rap till we pass out
It ain't nothing like that feeling you put when you cash out
All the hoes flock to you broke niggas is assed out
I'm the hammer man , heater on the ways homie hammer pan
You ain't shot shit without a camera man
Funny see where I'm from you could get shot for what you wearing niggas
They don't got no parents so they killing don't be carrying Chubby
You don't know that I'm a spitter you gon' learn it now
Smoke till you drop homie,fall back, burn it down